P2P Market, where to start

What is P2P Market?

P2P (Peer-to-Peer) trading is the process of buying and selling digital assets directly between users. Payment for the purchase must be sent via a specified method and must be confirmed by both parties. In this case, digital assets will be sent to the buyer.

P2P Market mediates transactions by providing buyers and sellers with a platform to post their ads. At the same time, the market is a guarantor of transaction security by providing escrow services for digital assets and ensuring that the digital asset is sent in time.

Are the ads I see on the P2P Market posted on behalf of Wallet?

The ads you see on the P2P Market are published by users. Wallet only provides a platform for P2P trading.

What guarantees do P2P traders have?

Transactions are protected by an escrow system. This means that the amount of cryptocurrency listed in the ad is reserved in the seller's wallet at the time of placing the ad. After the seller confirms receipt of payment, the system will automatically transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet using the reserved funds.

In case of any disputable situations, contact support service. We also recommend reading the article “Secure Your Trading Experience”.

What fees are charged for P2P transactions in Wallet?

A commission of 0.9% of the transaction amount is charged only to the seller - for each completed transaction.

How can I create an Ad and conduct an Order in P2P Market?

Please follow this instruction if you want to sell cryptocurrency, and this one – if you want to buy cryptocurrency.

How can I initiate Orders in P2P Market?

Select an Ad you are interested in and then follow the instructions: for those who is selling cryptocurrency, for those who is buying cryptocurrency.