Wallet Earn

What is Wallet Earn

The Wallet Earn campaign offers an opportunity to earn up to 50% APY by storing USDT in Wallet. 

To participate in the program, you can deposit up to 3,000 USDT to the Wallet Earn account. You will earn 50% APY for the first two weeks, 25% APY for the next two weeks, 15% APY for two more weeks, and then - 5% APY for 2 more months. You can start with any amount and are free to add to the Wallet Earn account up until August 30th. Rewards are calculated daily on the remaining balance and can be withdrawn daily or upon closing the deposit. The interest will be credited in Toncoin at the current exchange rate to wallets within the TON ecosystem. You can close the deposit and withdraw your funds and the accrued interest anytime.

The total bonus pool size is 3 Million TON.

Start date: May 1, 2024.

End date: August 31, 2024

The reward I got today is different from yesterday. Why did this happen

We calculate the reward amount in dollars and then convert it to TON based on the market rate. Therefore, the reward amount can vary, increasing or decreasing, depending on the TON rate when calculating the reward. The reward is calculated based on the minimum balance in the deposit from the previous calendar day.

What does APY mean

APY (Annual Percentage Yield) refers to the annual rate of return expressed as a percentage. It represents the annual financial profit you can expect to earn by placing your funds in the Wallet Earn campaign.

How is the bonus calculated? How can I find out how much I will receive after 1 day or after 14 days

Here are the formulas to calculate the reward:

What are the deposit limits for the Wallet Earn campaign

You can deposit any amount to participate in the Campaign, but not more than 3000 USDT in total.

How can I make a USDT deposit to participate in the Campaign

To participate in the Campaign, transfer funds from your Wallet's Dollar balance (USDT) to the Wallet Earn account by tapping the “Start Earning” button.

If you have not topped up Wallet yet, you can find instructions on how to do it here.

I withdrew funds from the Campaign and closed my deposit. Can I participate again

Yes, you can deposit and participate again. The APY rate may differ if you return outside of the current period.

Is there a fee for depositing into the Wallet Earn account? Will there be a fee for withdrawing the reward

No, there are no fees for depositing or withdrawing the rewards.

How are the two weeks with 50% APY calculated

The 50% APY is applied during the first two weeks from your initial deposit to the Earn account. For example, if you joined the campaign on June 1st, you will receive 50% APY until June 15th. Starting from June 16th, your APY will be 25%, then it will be 15% for next 2 weeks (starting from June 30), and then - 5% for 2 more months (starting from July 15).

Can I deposit USDT in the TON network or only USDT TRC-20 for participation in the campaign

You can deposit both USDT-TON and USDT TRC-20.

What reward will I receive if I deposit 1000 USDT on July 1st and another 1500 USDT on July 11th? How are the rewards calculated

The reward calculation is based on the minimum deposit balance from the previous calendar day.

The reward for July 2nd will be calculated from a balance of 0 USDT, as the minimum balance on July 1st was 0 USDT.

The reward for July 3rd will be calculated from the balance on July 2nd, which is 1000 USDT. The reward on July 11th will be calculated based on the balance on July 10th.

The reward on July 12th will be calculated from the balance of 1000 USDT. On July 11th, when an additional deposit of 1500 USDT was made, the minimum balance was 1000 USDT.

The reward on July 13th will be calculated from the balance on July 12th - 2500 USDT.

Will I get my rewards only after verification or starting from the moment I deposit

Rewards will be credited no matter if you passed verification (KYC) or not. But to withdraw rewards from the bonus account, successful completion of KYC is necessary.

The reward calculation is based on the minimum deposit balance from the previous calendar day.

What type of address can I use to receive rewards? Can I connect an exchange wallet or another service's address

To receive rewards, you must specify a non-custodial wallet address within the TON ecosystem, such as TON Space.

Please note: the rewards will be lost if you provide an address from Wallet or exchange.

If I lose access to the wallet address for receiving rewards, can I change it if necessary

Yes, you can change the connected address. The option becomes available only after successful identity verification.

What happens if I refuse to complete account verification (KYC)? Can I receive a reward without account verification (KYC)

No, account verification is mandatory for receiving a reward. A user who refuses account verification (KYC) will not receive a reward. They can withdraw funds from the campaign and continue using the Wallet.

My account failed verification (KYC), can I still receive a reward? What will happen with my USDT deposit

No, successful account verification is a mandatory condition for receiving a reward according to the Terms and Conditions of the campaign. If your account didn't pass KYC, your USDT Deposit will be returned to your Wallet.

I no longer want to participate in the campaign; how do I withdraw the accrued rewards? How can I close the deposit

To withdraw your earned rewards, click “Claim rewards”. After successful verification (KYC), they will be credited to the TON wallet address you previously specified.

The minimum withdrawal amount for rewards is 1 TON.

To close the deposit, click “Close rewards & withdraw.” The deposit will be returned to your Wallet’s USDT balance.

I made my first deposit to Wallet Earn closer to the campaign’s end date. What APY will I be receiving

If you deposit on August 24th, you will be getting 50% APY for 7 days. On August 31, you will receive the rewards for August 30th, and this would be your last accrual in scope of this Campaign.

If you deposit on August 23rd, you will get 50% APY for 7 days and a 25% APY for 8th day (August 30th).